Saturday, January 18, 2020
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How does a recruiter build trust in their recruitment process?

The recruitment market is as big in the UK as it has ever been, with every employer looking for the ideal staff and every potential employee looking for the ideal job. While there are many different ways of finding new staff, from personal recommendations to social media, job sites to networking conferences, it is also worth considering the merits of executive search recruitment. But, if you are looking for the best recruiter options, how should they operate? Like this:

  1. Make Sure You Focus on Candidate Experience: Lots of people who are looking for jobs are doing so with an element of suspicion, or at least uncertainty, with regards to recruiters. Whether you are aware of it or not, candidates are weighing up every stage of the career portal you offer them as their recruiter. Make sure nothing you provide is sloppy, unorganised, incomplete, or overcomplicated, as this can have a poor first impression. On the other hand, if you get all of these things in order, it can greatly increase their confidence in and connection with you.
  1. Be Open and Clear at All Times: Transparency gets talked about a lot, you could even say it’s become an industry buzzword, but it’s become so for a reason. If a recruiter can be open and honest about the positives and negatives of any open position. if you can explain to one of your candidates why a job may not fit them, it can be as helpful as telling them every job is perfect for them. Don’t criticise great jobs just to gain trust, but do be honest about whether or not a particular job opening is right for them.
  1. Timely Communication is Key: A candidate needs quick and clear communication across the recruitment process to feel secure in their recruiter. Even those candidates who are not totally engaged in the process will begin to feel valued if you provide them with clear and helpful communication.

4. Bringing a Personal Element: It may seem like a complicated process to give a personal slant to each and every client, but it need not be. You can use elements such as pre-recorded videos to share your core values, introduce team members and provide educational resources, but then bring together a personalised selection of resources to suit each client. Taking the decision to personalise the candidate experience may seem to be over the top, but often it’s not. It’s the ideal extra element to show them your experience and insight and that you may be the best choice for them.

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